About Us

Is a worldwide registered trademark of Royal Dutch Textile Mills J.A. Raymakers & Co BV in The Netherlands, velvet manufacturers since 1773. TheVelvetLab® is specialty brand for fashion and interior accessories that are finished and personalised with “Royal Dutch Velvets”. The product program of 2012 consists out of lap top bags, fashion bags, stools, cushions, low loungers and lamp shades.

The brand name ' TheVelvetLab® ' was created to refer to distinguished velvets and the creativity needed to personalise our products with the velvet you choose. This is reinforced through our signature ' identity tag ' labelling the products.

The collection was conceived in Europe and in Asia, tested during several events and further developed around the simple idea of creating useful, well-made and considered products that reflect the velvet lifestyle; sumptuous, rich and sexy with a creative twist. TheVelvetLab® is developed for all people with more then average creativity who want to express themselves by adding a personal touch to their appearance and their home and work environment.

Design philosophy

TheVelvetLab® endeavours to create fashion and interior accessories that are formed to be practical and reliable whilst reflecting modern needs. Personalisation through individual velvet finishing, distinguishes our products from others.

Our products are formed using high quality materials only. The velvets are exclusively designed and manufactured in The Netherlands. Our manufacturers comply with our Green Policy and adhere to international standards of Health & Safety in their factories. We have made sure that we do not offer any products, or parts of our products, that are a result of child labour.

Retail philosophy
The roots and founding retail ideals of the company have been influenced and shaped by the velvet life style. Generous interiors, both in urban and in rural settings are an important inspiration. Celebration of the international city high life, day and night, is a constant source of ideas. Craftsmanship combined with creativity is the starting point of all products in our small but exclusive collection. Our velvet life style is available to everyone via our web shop www.thevelvetlab.com and also via a network of selected distribution partners.

Team & locale 
TheVelvetLab® small creative team is based in The Netherlands with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and in Taiwan.