Care instructions

All our products are carefully finished with “Royal Dutch Velvets”. There is no other textiel so sumptuous, tactile and rich, with such deeper than deep colours. Velvet is a 3-dimensional textiel and needs some special, but easy care. like your skin, also velvet needs to be looked after. And when you just follow our care instructions regularly, you will enjoy your purchase even longer.

Types of Velvet

- is a 100% cotton pile velvet, made using the highest quality 'Ring Spun Combed' cotton yarns, sourced only from reputable European spinners. 
This velvet has a special anti-soil finish applied after dyeing, in addition to the normal crease resistant finish used on velvets, to ensure that it maintains the best possible appearance and handle for the longest possible time.

Shiny - is a 100% Modal pile velvet. Modal is a viscose like fibre, which actually comes from beech trees, when it is used for pile it gives the velvet a shiny appearance, hence the product name. The weft has a fancy slub effect, giving the velvet extra character. The slubs are quite fine in thickness giving an elegance to this velvet.

Crushed - is again a velvet made using 100% Modal yarns in the pile, but after dyeing this velvet is given a special process to permanently crush the pile. This is a stunning effect and the colours in this range have been specially chosen to maximize the dramatic effect of the shiny yarns and different pile directions of the crush finish.

Design - there are 2 types of designed velvets; Camou and Damask designs are embossed designs on the plain cotton velvet, where the pile is permanently flattened in certain places to create the design. The other 6 designs - Brocade, Circo, Silhouette, Mica, Guirlandes and Pide are jacquard woven velvets. These are very special. A design is woven into the velvet, created by combining Ring Spun Combed Cotton and Modal yarns, which then have a fabulous contrasting matte and shiny effect once dyed and finished.

Care instructions for your velvet
All you need is a hard clothes brush. Just brush the velvet softly  in the direction of the piles. Check this direction by stroking the velvet and you will feel it yourself. Soft brushing in this direction is sufficient.  If the velvet is a bit more dusty, then you van also vacuum clean the velvet, again in the direction of the piles. That is all!

For stains, heavy creases or pile marking, please do contact us via